Monday, July 16, 2007

Moving Friendster blog to blogspot

I'm moving my friendster blog
to here. Basically blogspot is more user friendly.

Some of my favourite bake from my previous blog

Sponge cake (recipe by Linda from IK)
So far this is the most perfect sponge cake i ever bake.

Pooh and Piglet Cut Out Cookies


Anonymous said...

hey...where did you buy these moulds for the cookies?

Susan Foo said...

I got it from a spree in a forum

Steven & Joey said...

Your blog looks like a lot of fun - and your cookies look scrumptious!
Be sure and check us out and let us know your thoughts on our new business venture, at

Spire said...

Could you please post the recipe and instructions to this beautiful sponge cake since IK is not a public forum?

Am said...

suddenly making me hungry, looking at the sponge cake:D