Sunday, August 26, 2007

Japanese Soft Cheesecake

This kind of cheesecake is very popular in our country. It is soft and moist. Specially make for my mother who had been requesting it.
The brown top got peel off when i overturn the cake. Such a pity.

For a 8 inch baking pan
Cream Cheese 200gm
Milk 128gm ( i use UHT)
Unsalted butter 43gm
Low protein flour a.k.a Cake flour 26gm
Corn flour 14gm
4 egg whites
4 egg yolks
Lemon Juice 1/4 tsp
Sugar 86gm
Cream of tartar 1/4 tsp

1. Dice cream cheese into cubes and soak with milk for 30mins. Meanwhile melt the butter.
2. After 30mins, put mixture in a double bolier, stir until smooth and creamy. Stir in melted butter and cool.
3. After it is cool, stir in Corn flour and Cake flour, follow by egg yolks and then lemon juice. Mix well until smooth. If crumbs develops, sift the batter. Put the batter aside.
4. In a clean bowl, add tartar into the eggs white and whisk until formy. Add sugar into eggs white in 3 portion and continue to whisk until it becomes stiff. ( in the first 2 portion, i use high speed and beat for 1 min each time and last i switch to low speed and beat until stiff)
5. Add egg whites into the batter and mix well until colour combines.
6. Place mixture in a greased pan and give it a big bang to release the bubbles.
7. Lastly bake the cake in hot water bath. Initial bake for 15min-20mins for 170C and then lower temperature to 150C for 40mins. (At the last 10-15mins, take note of the cake top colour. If it is the colour you desired, place a aluminium foil over the cake.)
8. Cool the cake and remove it from the mould. It can be taken warm or cold. No need to put into the fridge


shiyan said...

Hi Susan

Wow! How did you manage to get such high Jap cheesecake? Mine is normally half your height. Yours looks so well-done, soft and fluffy.

And yes, I love this kinda cheesecake. Yummy yummy.

Susan said...

Hi Shiyan

I actually bake the cake at a 7 inch tin. That's why it looks high.

mahaniYAL said...

Hi Susan,

I love cheesecake very much! Just looking at the picture of your soft and fluffy cake it makes my mouth water. Usually I just use yogurt, sugar and eggs besides the creamcheese of course. So naturally it's not so fluffy. I think I will try your recipe next time. Mahani.