Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mini Pingpi Mooncake

Mooncake Festival is around the corner. So here is my attempt on mooncake. Family love pingpi, so i make pandan and strawberry flavour.

Pandan Pingpi skin (make 19 mini)
150gm koh fun
200gm icing sugar
50gm shortening ( i use crisco brand)
Few drops of pandan essence
Few drops of green colouring
200ml iced water

600gm brown lotus paste
20gm roasted melon seeds

1. Combine fillings together, scale at 30gm each portion. Shape into rounds, set aside.

2. Sieve koh fun and icing sugar into a big bowl. Add in the remaining ingredients and combine into a soft dough. Roll into long strips and scale at 25gm. Shape into rounds, flatten and wrap in a portion of 1. each. Repeat process.

3. Place 2. into a koh fun dusted mooncake mould. Press firmly and dislodge imprinted mooncake. Wrap with kitchen servittes to prevent condensation when you keep it chilled.

Strawberry Pingpi Skin (make 19 mini)
150gm koh fun
150gm icing sugar
50gm shortening
4 tbsps strawberry jam
Few drops of strawberry essence
180ml iced sugar

600gm white lotus paste
20gm roasted melon seeds

Using the same method for pandan ping pi

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